Archive | August, 2004

Shopping day

30 Aug

We started the day with a trip to Hilmar together with George and Linda who wanted to go there to buy cheese.

After that they dropped us off at the shopping center where we spent most of the day. We looked in a lot of stores and when we waited for Linda to pick us up we had ice-cream at Cold Stone which was really good, especially since it was such a warm day.

These two photos show one of the cats here, and one of the dogs, Pete, together with Janne.

Mexican lunch

29 Aug

Sunday we went to Javi’s (very good mexican restaurant in Turlock) for lunch together with George, Linda, Janice and her family, Lisa and her children, and some friends of the family. The photo shows Grace, Soren and John Thomas.

From Chicago to Turlock

28 Aug

We did some sightseeing in Chicago Thursday morning and really enjoyed the city. There were many beautiful buildings to look at and the weather was nice. It was cloudy in the morning but became sunny later. We started with a walk to the Navy Pier and looked at the skyline from there.

We then walked on State Street and Magnificent Mile. We found these really cool apartment buildings at State street, on the north side of Chicago river.

Chicago river.

We went back to the hotel and picked up our luggage and took a taxi to the Amtrak station. We got on the train at 2.20 pm and our long train journey (54 hours) began. The picture below is from our stop in Denver the next morning.

We saw so many beautiful things from the train. Rocky Mountains was something really fantastic. The photo belows show Glenwood Springs, one of the nice little towns we passed by. We could get off the train for a couple of minutes on most stations which was nice.

When we had passed Elko in Nevada, early Saturday morning, we suddenly had a broken rail in front of us and the train was standing still for 4-5 hours before the rail was repaired and we could continue. Then we had to stop for another two hours in the middle of the desert because we had to get a new conductor on the train since the other one had worked for 12 hours and had to get off his shift. The next stop after that was Winnemucca, which had a really big station house, see the photo below:-)

This is from our Stop in Reno, Nevada, it is Janne together with one of the conductors, and also a photo of our train.

We were six hours delayed when we finally arrived in Sacramento, so we missed our train from Sacramento to Turlock. Luckily, George and Linda agreed to come and pick us up in Sacramento so we reached Turlock at 10.30 pm Saturday evening.


26 Aug

We arrived to Chicago yesterday afternoon and everything went extremely well. We had a nice flight and at the airport it only took us 30 minutes with immigration control and to pick up our luggage. Then we took the CTA blue line in to downtown Chicago and checked in to our hotel, Comfort Inn, which was a very pleasant surprise even though it was the cheapest one we could find in downtown. Very nice rooms and the hotel is right in the middle of everything, on one of the main shopping streets.
We spent the afternoon walking around the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue) and found some things to buy already our first day here ūüôā We had dinner at Chili’s (Mexican restaurant) in the evening and fell asleep early since we had been up for about 40 hours or so.
Today we are gonna walk around south of the Chicago River and then take the train at 2.20 pm. We are gonna spend the next 48 hours on that train so next time I’ll be able to update here is when we get to my relatives in Turlock Saturday evening.

Cows in Sturegallerian

9 Aug

Lady Kinko – Sturegallerian

Lady Tattoo – Sturegallerian

Magnus Uggla – Sturegallerian

Kobra – Sturegallerian

Stockholm pictures

8 Aug

My mom and I took a nice cruise around the archipelago.

View from Kulturhuset in Stockholm

Sergels torg


7 Aug

Mom, Janne and I went to Café Lyran for coffee and lunch.

The beautiful view from the café.

In the afternoon we went to Kapellskär to visit Kerstin. This is her dog Doglas.

This is me before I got 95 mosquito-bites!