Archive | September, 2004

Sightseeing Sunday

26 Sep

We spent Sunday walking around the city together with Aimie and then we drove out to Drottningholm palace to look around there.

Visit from NYC.

25 Sep

My friend Aimie is here visiting for one week. Here she is in front of the Nobel Museum in Old Town.

Dinner at Magnus Ladulås in Old Town.

Last day on our trip

18 Sep

The nice restaurant and beer brewery next to our hotel.

At Chicago airport with all our luggage!

Pictures from Chicago

17 Sep

Arrival in Chicago

16 Sep

We arrived to Saint Louis early in the morning and had a 1½ hour long stop there.

When we left the station in Saint Louis we saw the huge arch.

The building to the left is John Hancock Center in Chicago, not very far from our hotel (we can actually see it from our window).

San Antonio – Chicago

15 Sep

The train left San Antonio at 8 am. This is the station building.

Inside the train.

We make a short stop in Fort Worth.

Janne in front of our train car.

We have now reached Dallas and this is the place where Kennedy was shot.

A stop in Mineola, Texas.

San Antonio

15 Sep

Well, we thought we were going to New Orleans, but Ivan the terrible (the hurricane if anyone missed that on the news) had other plans for us. Our train stopped in San Antonio, Texas, Tuesday morning and everyone had to get off there. We were offered a flight to New Orleans, but since 1.2 million people in New Orleans were evacuating the city it didn’t seem like a very good idea to go there even if that had been our plan. So we changed our tickets so we could take the train to Chicago the next day. In the meantime, Amtrak paid for one hotel night in San Antonio which turned out to be a very nice and beautiful city. We really enjoyed our day there. Above is a photo of the Alamo in the heart of the city.

We had lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack at the Riverwalk.

This was the view from the restaurant.

The riverwalk.

We decided to eat dinner at Café Olé.

Janne is studying the menu. We finally decided to eat tortillas and they were very good.