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In memory of Findus

19 May

This evening when I talked to my mom on the phone she told me that one of my cats passed away while Janne and I were in the U.S. Findus was 11 years old and a beautiful and very cuddly cat and we miss her very much.

Last day on this trip

17 May

Beautiful Chicago!

Janne on one of the brigdes across Chicago River.

Hancock Tower.


16 May

This is our very nice hotel room at Best Western River North in Chicago. We were upgraded to a really big and nice room when we arrived. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to enjoy it since we wanted to spend the last hours out in the city.

We had one bedroom and one livingroom in our hotel room.

Chicago by night.

The new and different McDonalds outside our hotel.

Swedish heritage day

15 May

Anita’s daugther Shyla.

A Swedish church we visited in Center City.

Coffee break in Taylor Falls.

David and Brent on the boat that tooks us down St. Croix River.

The boat we went on.

We are now at Gammelgården Museum in Scandia and this is an old Swedish church.

Inside the house where the priest used to live.

The house from the outside.

Gammelgården, a very interesting place to visit.

Here I am outside Nya Duvemåla. Unfortunately it wasn’t open for the season yet.

Glader cemetery where many Swedish emigrants are buried.

One of many beautiful gravestones.

A nice sign tells us welcome to Lindström.

The pretty watertower in Lindström.

A statue of Vilhelm Moberg together with his bike.

The statue of Karl-Oskar and Kristina, the most famous Swedish emigrants.

After the sightseeing we all went to Mark and M.J. for coffee and delicious rhubarb pie.

Here I am together with M.J. who planned this Swedish heritage day for us.

Bud Forsberg.

Joan, Bud, me and Janne.

Anita and Brent.

M.J. and Mark with one of their twins.

And here they are with both twins.

Bud and Joan Forsberg.

Anita together with Brent, David and Jake on our last evening at their house.

Anita’s graduation party

14 May

Joan and her daughter Lisa.

Joan, Anita, Lisa and Lisa’s daughters (and a friend to one of them).

Anita’s graduation

13 May

This is how happy Anita was after her graduation!

Anita together with the Winnie the Pooh we bought her in London.

Anita at home, after the graduation, together with David and Brent.

Anita and Mark.


10 May

Mississippi river in Minneapolis.

Our hotel in downtown Minneapolis, Normandy Inn.

The American-Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, a place I have been dreaming about visiting for years, and finally I got to go there.

Downtown Minneapolis.