Archive | July, 2005

Felix 1 year old

18 Jul

On Saturday we went to Madeleine, Jörgen, Filippa and Felix to celebrate Felix who had his first birthday earlier that week. Here is a cute picture of Madeleine and Felix.

Madeleine and Felix.

A happy one year old boy! ūüôā

Felix big sister Filippa cutting the cake for him.


10 Jul

During my visit in Vetlanda we went to Forngården, one of my favourite places for an ice-cream or coffee and waffles.

First pictures with my D70!

9 Jul

Two of the first photos I took with my new Nikon D70 was of my cat Mirre.

My new toy

7 Jul

I just got a new toy! I only wish the battery would charge faster so I could start playing with it!!