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Dalarna part 2

21 Aug

My mom outside the house where we stayed.

Lake Siljan.

My mom and Janne in front of Lake Siljan.

Another view of Lake Siljan.



The tower Vidablick from where these pictures were taken.

Vidablick and Lake Siljan.

Dalarna and especially Nusnäs is famous for it’s Dala Horses, but here is a Dala Pig instead! 🙂

And a Dala Roaster!

And finally a Dala Horse outside one of the factories where they are made.

Recently made Dala Horses.

Acting like a real tourist! 🙂

A statue of Gustav Vasa in Mora.

The finishing line for the Vasa Ski Race.

View over Lake Siljan from Tällberg.

Another picture of our beautiful hotel.

A telephone booth with typical Dalarna paintings.

We visited Carl Larsson’s home, in Sundborn and this is a photo from the garden outside his house.

Carl and Karin Larsson’s home.


Dalarna part 1

20 Aug

My mom, Janne and I are on our way to Tällberg in Dalarna. On the way there we stopped in many cute towns, one of them was Sala where I took this picture.

Picture from the silver mine in Sala.

Also from the silver mine.

A pretty church close to the silver mine.

This is the biggest dala horse in the world, it is 13 meters high and stands outside the city of Avesta.

Another side of the dala horse 😉

A life-buoy in Gagnef.

A building at the nice hotel Klockargården where we stayed for one night.



A view of Tällberg and Lake Siljan.

Klockargården by night.

Another night shot of the hotel.

Visit from my mom.

19 Aug

Today my mom came to Stockholm and in the evening we visited Maja and had a really nice time. Mary, my mom, Maja and Olle are in the picture.


17 Aug

This boat, “The East Indiaman” was built in Göteborg and made it’s first trip to Stockholm today.

One of the many boats in Stockholm.

We had dinner at Djurgårdsterassen, one of my favourite places in Stockholm.

Old Town by night! This is Drakens Gränd.

Another pretty street in Old Town – Kindstugatan

Carl-Gunnar & Aina

15 Aug

After spending the weekend with my parents they drove me to the train in Nässjö Monday morning. On our way there we stopped for coffee at Carl-Gunnar and Aina’s house and here is a photo of them surronded by all their beautiful geraniums.

New kitten

14 Aug

My mom found this cat abandoned in the forest a couple of weeks ago and took care of her. Someone probably had her over the summer and then decided to get rid of her. What an awful thing to do! At least this adorable kitten has a great home at my parents house now! She still doesn’t have a name so any suggestions are welcome!

Old Town by night

11 Aug

Some night pictures from Old Town in Stockholm.