Archive | October, 2005

Relatives from the U.S.

24 Oct

During the past two weeks my third cousin Julie and her daughter Carleigh have been here visiting me and Sweden. We have had a great time together! Unfortunately today we had to take them to Arlanda airport because it was time for them to go back home again. I hope to see them again soon!

Last day in Stockholm for J & C

23 Oct

Today was Julie’s and Carleigh’s last day in Stockholm and we spent it with some sightseeing, here at Monteliusv√§gen.

Pizza night

20 Oct

Pizza in Bagarmossen!

Last day in Vetlanda for J & C

18 Oct

Carleigh is eating cookies ūüôā

Julie at her great grandfathers grave.

Julie and Carleigh a The Swedish Emigrant Institute
in Växjö.

Outside the institute and museum.

Inside the church in Vetlanda.

Evidence that Julie and Carleigh has been in Vetlanda.

My parents together with Carleigh and Julie.


17 Oct

Carleigh, Aina, Carl-Gunnar and Julie.

After visiting Aina and Carl-Gunnar we went to Eksjö and I found a lot of nice looking doors.

Kissen got tired of reading the news….

Kissen, Julie and Carleigh are having fun together! ūüôā

Family History

16 Oct

Uno, Julie, Carleigh and Lilian in Nederby.

Julie and Carleigh in Nederby.

Julie, Uno and Carleigh in front of the house where Carl Ahlstrand lived and where Julie’s grandfather Rudolph was born.

Julie and Carleigh in front of N√§sby Tomt where Julie’s great great grandfather Sven Jonas was born in 1820.

Näsby tomt.

Fall colors at Näsby Tomt.

Family Reunion

15 Oct

Today we had the big family reunion in N√§sby. Pictures will soon be posted on a new webpage, I’ll announce here when it is available!