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Last day of my mother’s visit

30 Jul

My mom together with a lot of teddybears! A couple of them went home with her ūüôā

The view from Café Panorama where we had lunch.

My mom at Lyran

29 Jul

My mom is here visiting me this weekend. Here she is at Konditori Lyran.

Ella and Eeyore

27 Jul

For some strange reason Ella goes crazy everytime she sees Eeyore…. and now Eeyore is more sad than he has ever been before!


23 Jul

Today Lilian and Uno invited us to spend the afternoon with them and some other relatives in Nederby and we had a wonderful day with delicious food and very nice company.

Aina, my mom and my dad.

Lilian, Britten and Uno.

Ivan and Inger.

Siv, Ivan, Inger, Britten and Uno – five second cousins.

TGI Fridays

18 Jul

Sabina, Lotta and I went to TGI Fridays today after work. Here is the delicious vegetarian Quesadilla that I had for dinner.


13 Jul

Today was Felix 2nd birthday so in the evening we went to Länna to celebrate him.


Felix and Madeleine.


11 Jul

We met this peacock at Skansen this evening and I got a chance to try my new little camera.

New toy :-)

10 Jul

On my way home from work today I bought myself a new toy. I need a small camera which I can carry with me wherever I go, compared to my Nikon D70 which is too heave and too big to bring everywhere. Now I just have to be patient and wait for the battery to charge….

More photos of Ella

9 Jul

Ella in Bagarmossen

8 Jul

Ella visited me this weekend! ūüôā