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Boston cows part 6

30 Aug




Kids map of Boston

Boston beings

Moo-chas Gracias!

Leav’n Town

Spirit of St Louis

Ted Williams Cow


Fanny – the Fenway Park Cow

Boston cows part 5

30 Aug

Quilted Wooden

Jazzy Cow

Happy Cow

Teddy Bears on the Moove


High Cowrumble Bee


Tea Party

Moom with a view


Boston cows part 4

29 Aug

Alpha Moomega

Emmy, the emerald necklace cow

Bonnie Cow

The Eyes of Money

Make Way for Calflings

Bruins cow

Celtics cow

Curse reversed

Patriots cow

Cape Cowdder


Easy Bell

Kimoono Maiden

MUdder Goose

Patriotic Cow

Boston cows part 3

29 Aug

Patches, the Community Quilt Cow

Portrait of a Cow

Moodi Gras

I found COW – Rewired Herd in the cow hospital

Also in the hospital – Spirit of Moosachusetts

Moo-rathon Runner on Cow-moo-nwealth Ave

More Boston cows

29 Aug

I am a bit late in posting this, but have been very busy the past week. Here is Art Ducko.

A street cow named desire.

Bilingual Cow

Brownstone Cow

Chilies con carne

Cosmic Cow


Goodnight Moo

Hey Diddle Diddle

John Hancow



Moo England Beauty

Moolight Sonata

Moo-narchs and milkweed

Old Cape Cowd

Pablo Picowso

Pop Art Cow

Sacred Moonument

Sparkling Bean


The light within

Touching colors

Untitled 2

Cowparade Boston

28 Aug

Today we went from Acton into Boston to look for cows, and found 36 of the 117 cows in the Cowparade. Here is one of them, the Tea Party Cow.

And here is the Cowtucket cow.

The Cash Cow.

The Mooflower

The Trojan Cow

Wally the Green MOOnster

The Ballet Cow

Expression beyond Borders

Cow without a name, don’t know if it was part of the Cowparade.

Untitled 1

Moo Are What Moo Eat

Mass. In Glass and Moving on Up



Pinky Bank

Cow of Many Colors

Sunflower Cow

Mooving Veggie Burger

Magical Moon

The Life Bovine

The Freedom Trail

Rhinestone Cowboy


Main Streets and Back Roads or Moo England

Flower Cow

Anatomy of a Bionic Bovine

Go Organic

Cow Paths

Hay Market

Celestial Cow

Vincent’s Cow

Bovine Moosic

Life is but a dream

Moo Bus

Spin-painting cow, Rewired Herd

Cownnectivity, Rewired Herd

New York – Boston

26 Aug

Waiting for the train that is going to take me from Newark Airport to Boston, MA.