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26 Nov

Well, I am a bit late in blogging this… but better late than never! I was in Oslo for work October 27 – 28 and had a great time.
This guy greeted me when I arrived to Oslo Central Station on the airport bus.

Beautiful building on Karl Johan street.

The Oslo City Hall

I took a lovely walk at Aker Brygge. It was such a beautful sunny day. Here is a view over something historical (can’t find my map right now).

Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge

An interesting building at Aker Brygge.

Aker Brygge

The Royal Palace

Beautful fall colors outside the palace.

One of the guards.

Karl Johan street, the most famous street in Oslo.

Another beautiful building.

Freia, the Norweigan correspondence to Marabou chocolate.