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Last visit to Bagarmossen

29 May

Today I went to Bagarmossen to make sure the cleaners had done a good job and to get my spare set of keys.

One last look at the house where I have lived for the past 2½ years.

The subway station in Bagarmossen.

Waiting for the subway train…

Boat trip from Hammarby Sjöstad to Djugården

27 May

Waiting for the boat, only a few minutes walk from our apartment.

The library.

A huge cruise ship visiting Stockholm.

Pictures from Hammarby Sjöstad

26 May

Ella – the tennis player

24 May

Some pictures from Gettinge

24 May

Hammarby Sjöstad

23 May

The next big thing that happened was our move to Hammarby Sjöstad on April 28th. Here a picture of my aunt Maj-Britt, my cousin Stig and my dad visiting us on April 29th.

Our balcony.

Dinner at Jimmy’s Marina Steakhouse not far from where we live.

Ella update

23 May

A lot of things has happened since last time I had a chance to blog. Ella was spayed on April 20th and 10 days followed where we were constantly worried that she wasn’t healing the way she should and watching over her every minute of the day to make sure she couldn’t lick her wound, which she could even though she had a collar to stop her from doing that.