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Ella eating grass

25 Jun

Our crazy-looking cat is eating grass for breakfast!

Midsummer in Vita Bergen

20 Jun



The midsummer pole.

I took the boat back home to Hammarby Sjöstad.

The view from our balcony this evening

7 Jun

The Swedish Ship Götheborg

6 Jun

The Swedish East Indiaman Götheborg is travelling around the world and this week she is back in Stockholm for a short visit. Last time I saw this ship was in 2005 (see pictures here)

This time I also got to go onboard the ship which was very interesting and gave me many more photo opportunities.

Swedens national day

6 Jun

We went into the city today to have lunch with Johan’s mom and to look at all the festivities. 50 000 blue and yellow balloons were released into the sky to celebrate Swedens National Day. Here they are at Skeppsbron in Old Town.

And this is the view of the balloons from TGI Fridays in Kungsträdgården.

Karin’s graduation

5 Jun