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Beautiful summer day

30 Jul

Today was another beautiful summer day so I decided to take the boat to Söder and walk around a little. This picture is taken while walking to the boat in Hammarby Sjöstad.

The boat that will take me to Söder.

My latest craving – frapino from Espresso House with pomegranate and raspberries.

A trip to Saltsjöbaden

25 Jul

We started by taking the train (Saltsjöbanan) from Sickla station not far from where we live.

It took us about 20 minutes to get to Saltsjöbaden.

The station building.

The very nice restaurant, Holmen Kök och Bar, where we had lunch.

Our lunch, Johan had a salad and I had a hamburger.

The view from our table.

Cheesecake for dessert.

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

Time to take the train back home again.

Air balloons outside our apartment

23 Jul

Dinner in Sickla

23 Jul

When I came home from Studio Paus Johan and I walked to Sickla and had dinner at Texas Burger Co. This monument shows where we leave Stockholm and enter Nacka, not far from our house.

Johan at the lake we walk by on our way to Sickla.

My chicken quesadillas.

A nice afternoon at Studio Paus

23 Jul

I had a very nice and relaxing afternoon at Studio Paus together with Lotta, Dorothy and Ingrid. We were given this fruit to eat while we waited for our different treatments.

Together with Dorothy and Ingrid, feeling really good after a nice foot spa.

The new kittens

21 Jul

Some pictures of the new adorable kittens in Gettinge.

Dinner at Sandsjö Wärdshus

20 Jul

Mom, Dad, Johan and I went to Sandsjö Wärdshus for dinner. I ate this delicious “laxplanka”.

Flowers in Gettinge

19 Jul

New flowers on the balcony

19 Jul


18 Jul

Ella sleeping….