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Playing in the park in Turlock

17 Jul

Wondering why his breakfast is taking so long... ūüôā

William and Johan in the park

George and William in the slide

Having fun in the swing


Jumping - look at William's crazy hair! ūüôā

Johan, William and Soren

William and George

William and George


William and George

Family get-together in Folsom

14 Jul

Third cousins who meet for the first time: Derik, William and Sonya

Fourth cousins Allison and Catalina

Second cousins: Ann-Louise, Sue and Linda

Johan, me and William

Catalina and William had so much fun together

Catalina and William

John and Sue

Catalina, Sonya and Bob

Linda and granddaughter Allison


Linda, Derik, Allison and Jennifer

Bob, Catalina, Sonya, Sue and John

Derik, Allison and Jennifer


Catalina and Sonya



Sonya, Johan, Ann-Louise, William, Sue, Catalina, John, Derik, Allison, Jennifer and Linda

Bob, Sonya, Ann-Louise ,William, Sue, Catalina, John, Derik, Allison, Jennifer and Linda

Yummy cake!

Visit from Turlock

12 Jun

William and Soren

Abbey, Janice, William, Soren and Fin.

William enjoyed meeting his American relatives!

Waiting for the boat to take us into the city.

On the boat Emelie between Hammarby Sjöstad and downtown Stockholm.

The Johnson’s in front of their cruise ship.

At Nybrokajen in Stockholm.

Soren and Abbey.

In front of the parliament.

Also in front of the parliament.

William loved playing with Abbey’s hair.

William is trying to order some food at the restaurant.

Lunch at Sallys.