Archive | June, 2004

Carl-Johan Vallgren

29 Jun

This evening we took a trip with the boat Blidösund to listen to Carl-Johan Vallgren. It was a really good concert and a beautiful summer evening in the Stockholm archipelago.

Midsummer cows

25 Jun

Kobism – Vällingby Centrum

Koolingen – Vällingby Centrum

Yellow SubMOOrine – Vällingby Centrum

Another cow

23 Jun

Gullan – Farsta Centrum

Cowparade Stockholm

19 Jun

Today we spent several hours walking around Stockholm, trying to locate the cows that are part of the big art exhibition Cowparade . We saw about 50 % of them, and here are the photos:

This cow is called Koluft and is standing at Katarina Bangata

Bribe with clover – Katarina Bangata

Three Crowns – Central Station

IceCow – Ice Bar Stockholm

Extreme Makeover – Nordic Light Hotel

Cowsino – Casino Cosmopol

Markolius – Folkets hus

Milk Qow of Sweden – Sergelgatan

On the Menu – Kulturhuset

Silvercow in the present – NK

Pop Cow Mini Kooper – NK

Meditating Cow – NK

Rosie – Gallerian

The wish cow – Gallerian

Mu-båt – Gallerian

Kosmonaut – Gallerian

The world of Lena Linderholm

SVEA – Gallerian

City Cow – Gallerian

Swedish Elk – Gallerian

Popikon Cow – Gallerian

Wet Dreams – Gallerian

Love Cow – Gallerian

Lilla gubbens KO-mpis – Gallerian

The Cowelk of Stockholm – Gallerian

Mys-kon – Gallerian

Rosmunda – Gallerian

Ko of Sweden – Gallerian

Dottie – Gallerian

Koblado – Gallerian

En bra ko – Norrmalmstorg

Pop Cow II – Norrmalmstorg

Plattan – Kungsträdgården

Doris – Kungsträdgården

Bäst musik just nu – Gustav Adolfs torg

Dalako – Gustav Adolfs torg

Haiku – Skeppsbron

Bellmancow – Skeppsbron